Successful Google AdWords Management

It is incredibly easy to under or over invest in Google Adwords. As well as incorrectly geographically engineer the keywords to areas of the world that have not got a sufficient potential client base, or areas where a company may not be active in.

Consequently, companies are often losing their marketing budget to business development projects which are likely not to result in new clients and sales. I may be speaking from bias perspective...although working as a Google Adwords Consultant for over a decade has allowed me to forensically look at the key reasons why this mismanagement may happen:

1. Webmaster's juggling to much - in house online marketing teams often have to management all aspects of advertising such as SEO, SEM, re-marketing, website maintenance and development etc. Sadly, this can result in each facet not being used to its full potential, nor prudently maximised efficiency from a budgetary and exposure perspective.

2. Too smaller budget - simply put, if a company has a budget which is too small for the amount of keywords and size of regions they want to be active in, they will rarely be on the first page.

3.Time mismanagement - speaking from a B2B perspective, companies will often be searching for another companies product/service during working hours, Monday-Friday, so spending money and time outside these optimum ours is unlikely to garner good results.

With all this in mind, it is prudent to draw from classical economic fundamentals. Specialisation is key. Either using a strong external supplier of Google Adwords or delegating each online marketing channel to one team or individual in house results in projects which conclude with new business.

Here at Visiontrade for example, we have dedicated functional practices for each Google facet and representatives that relay the information to our clients. Therefore clients only need one contact to update them on how each project they enact with us is performing, whilst being safe in the knowledge our teams are focusing on one aspect each. Allowing for cost effective online marketing within budgetary constraints.