Should you do Search Engine Marketing in-house?

Over the past five years, I have seen an increasing amount of companies reducing the amount of external services they use. This ranges from IT and Print Management, to SEO and SEM. My assumption is that this move is purely base on the apparent increase to a companies bottom line, as they won’t incur an external management fee.

Furthermore, an added benefit of moving services in-house is their is a potential increase in the amount of effective communication between the staff delegate the new tasks and rest of the companies team. With colleagues knowing the relevant team looking after the now internal business service will not cloud their language with salesman tactics, or mislead them for financial gain.

As a senior figure in a company which activity encourages companies to use an external party for online marketing solutions, it may be counter intuitive for me to admit the above. Although, to make a convincing argument for using our service, I personally believe it is extremely important to understand the psychological and practical business reasons decision makers may consider when evaluating one of our proposals.

With this considered, I raise this key issue, specialisation. Since the era of the classical economists Adam Smith and David Ricardo, the contention that efficiency is the key to maximising the resources at a businesses disposal always been on the minds of upper management. At Visiontrade for example, despite us offering a 360 solution to online marketing, our biggest and most successful division is our Search Engine Marketing service. Which has been tailored specifically to for the industrial business-business market place. Rather than companies having to pay a large sum on training, hiring and ultimately paying in-house teams, simply outsourcing to a company with a unique and niche solution, in my view, has actually increased the cost effectiveness and performance of search engine marketing projects.

Fortunately, our client reviews prove that the latter argument is realised in practice. Search Engine Marketing is very specific, with the system and behaviour of each product market performing differently, a general online webmaster simply won’t suffice in the majority of cases.