• zappe-gmbh.de

    Mr Zappe of www.zappe-gmbh.de has allowed us to state that we have been working with him for a number of years and has received regular inquiry through us.
    Due to the specific nature of his machinery, after dealing with those inquiries he has secured orders. Mr Zappe is the owner and has been working with 1 contact Sascha through out his campaign with Visiontrade

    www.zappe-gmbh.de ( September 2020 )

  • thumm-online.de

    I can confirm as the Director of www.thumm-online.de that we have secured new customers as a result of the co-operation with Visiontrade ltd over the past year from the PPC Google campaign.

    Claudia Pedersen - Director www.thumm-online.de ( June 2020 )

  • ta-roloff

    I can confirm that we gave Visiontrade the order to supply us with International marketing through Google adwords. We have extended our campaign to new languages last year and have new business inquiry, which we sense is from our Google campaigns. I would recommend Visiontrade as a supplier for Search Engine Marketing.

    Annett Olschewski CEO TA Roloff GmbH www.ta-roloff.com ( July 2020 )

  • Reiner-sct

    I am writing this review to highlight how pleased I am with VisionTrade. Within the length of our partnership we have managed to secure a contract with a Government in the Benelux regions, through the use of our Google Adwords Campaign. We highly recommend Sascha, his team and Services at VisionTrade and we will continue to use their solutions in the future.

    Andreas Staiger Owner ( co ) www.reiner-sct.com ( July 2020 )

  • insed.de

    Visiontrade can confirm that www.insed.de has been getting information from us that provides precious details on companies only whom have been visiting the website. Insed then can identify if those clicks are from PPC ( visiontrade ) or organic( in house ) which shows where the business comes from.

    Mr G. Schmid - Director www.insed.de ( June 2020 )

  • bulte

    We have been working with Vision Trade for more than a year now; we focused our Google advertising campaign on two countries in the beginning. After about 8 months, we could in fact notice an increase of the demands on our website and thus, an increase of our turnover in those 2 countries. We added 3 more a few months ago, and are looking forward to having the same success with those new campaigns.

    Alexandra PROST- Marketing & Communication www.bulte.com

  • Abutments4life

    Nach nunmehr zweijahriger erfolgreicher Zusammenarbeit finden wir uns mit unseren Keywords immer auf den oberen Platzen bei Google. Die Kommunikation erfolgt direkt und unkompliziert. Wir erhalten tolle Klickzahlen und sind mit der Arbeit von Visiontrade sehr zufrieden

    Gerne empfehlen wir das Unternehmen weiter.

    Mit freundlichen GruBen
    Dr. Bruno Spindler, CEO Abutments4life

    English Translation ::

    After two years of a successful cooperation, we always find ourselves with our keywords at the top of Google. Their communication is direct and uncomplicated.We get great click-through rates and are very satisfied with the work of Visiontrade.

    We gladly recommend the company further.

    Friendly greetings
    Dr. Bruno Spindler, CEO Abutments4life

  • kmt-waterjet

    We can confirm that our CTR which is the measure of relevancy for adwords was around 1.5 - 3 % when we did the campaign ourselves. When we out sourced this to Visiontrade ltd we are now achieving almost triple at 6.9 %.

    I can also confirm we are getting regular conversions from our contact us page.

    Wolfgang Emrich - Marketing Director www.kmtwaterjet.com

  • Abutments4life

    We are a healthcare software solutions provider operating in many countries.Visiontrade has been doing multi-language adwords campaign for our business and we confirm receiving qualified traffic to our website.

    We are achieving more than 5% CTR for all of our campaigns which is considered to be higher than Avg CTR by Google.

    We are quite pleased with the Visiontrade's service and support.

    Visiontrade's web development team is also doing a professional job in re-designing our website.

    We really like the look & feel of the website and especially the new matrix of sectors and product lines added to our website.

    T.Knipps - Marketing Director www.comed-com.de

  • BBS

    Wir abeieten seit 2011 mit Visiontrade zusammen und sind uberzeugt, dass wir den richtigen Partner auf unserer Seite haben. Wir generieren die Anfragen aus vielen Landern der Welt. Es gibt uns die Moglichkeit unsere Produkte und technische Losungen den internationallen Kunden vorzustellen. Auf diese Weise war es uns moglich eine interessante Auftrage zu bekommen

    Mr. Rudolf Schwarzenberger,

    English Translation ::

    We work with Visiontrade since 2011 and are convinced that we have the right partner on our side. We receive the requests from many countries of the world. It gives us the possibility of our products and technical solutions to get introduced to international customers.This way it is possible to get us an interesting orders.

    Mr. Rudolf Schwarzenberger,

  • ProxTech

    Here at ProxTech we can confirm that we have been working with Visiontrade for 5 years and are receiving interest regularly.

    Our CTR has improved year by year which we are pleased about as this is the main objective for Google AdWords.

    The regular reports are also a very interesting marketing tool to point out the direction of our development and sales efforts.

    ProxTech International bvba
    Luc Roovers - MD,

  • FMT Fluid Management Swiss AG

    Nach dem ersten Jahr der Zusammenarbeit mit Visiontrade haben wir versucht, selbst bei google Adwords Kampagnen zu starten. Diese sind aber nicht richtig gelaufen, so dass wir wieder zu Visiontrade zurûckgekehrt sind.

    Das Ergebnis sind bessere CTR und Klickzahlen. Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit dem bisherigen Ergebnis und arbeiten gerne mit Visiontrade zusammen.

    FMT Fluid Management Swiss AG
    Mr. Ralph Krauß,

    English Translation ::

    After the first year of collaboration with Visiontrade we tried to launch our own Google AdWords campaigns. But it was not run properly, so we revert back to Visiontrade.

    The result is better CTR and number of clicks. We are very satisfied with the result and happy to work with Visiontrade.

    FMT Fluid Management Swiss AG
    Mr. Ralph Krauß,

  • Ichbrauchkartons

    Die Zusammenarbeit mit Vision Trade kônnen wir nur empfehlen. Es ist ein professioneller Service mit fairen Konditionen. Die 5 von uns vorgegebenen keywords landen im google Ranking nun auf Platz 1, was sich spûrbar in den Ergebnissen unseres Online Shops bemerkbar macht.
    Sehr empfehlenswert!

    Mr. Henning Spilker www.ichbrauchkartons.de

    English Translation ::

    We recommend a Cooperation with Visiontrade. It is a professional service with fair conditions. For 5 predefined keywords for SEO we are at the Google page 1 position, which has bought us noticeable result in our online shop sales.
    Highly recommended!

    Mr. Henning Spilker www.ichbrauchkartons.de

  • Daniel Tobler

    Have been a Client for two years, great results in first year so increased our online marketing budget spend in second year and we continue to receive increased enquiries and sales from our Google Adwords campaign.

    Mr. Dani Tobler www.danitobler.ch

  • Roweko

    Vtrade have been very good at running our sem campaign, even though our requirements are to target different countries in their native languages which is not a simple task. We continue to receive worldwide orders after working with them for 5 years and are happy to use them as they continue to perform and deliver on their promises.

    Mr. Michael Selle www.roweko.de

  • Filame

    I have personally dealt with Vision Trade during the last year of our 4 years working relationship and can confirm that we have received increased business orders and client contacts from the Google Adwords campaign they manage for us.

    Mr. Jean Gabriel www.filame.com

  • GTM France

    We are a fairly new company and have used Vtrade to run our Google PPC campaign for only 6 months so far, but happy with progress and already we are receiving increased order volumes as a direct result.

    Mr. Alexandre Verissimo www.lagtm.com

  • 7layers

    Company : 7layers

    7Layers, a leading, international group of engineering & test centers for the wireless industries, provides services and tools under the slogan "testing for a smarter world".www.7Layers.com

    To improve the number of visitors for the newly launched 7Layers website with special focus on the Asian market which is of continuously growing importance for the 7Layers business.

    Due to the highly specialized B2B sector the company is working in, it is of the outmost importance to the success of the campaign, that keywords and adword texts are closely monitored and adapted to the interest of potential customers.

    Since the search behavior of potential customers in Asia is changing from using English key words to using their local language, it was found necessary to establish adverts and search phrases also in the Chinese and Korean language.

    7Layers has used Visiontrade's services for both its English advertising campaign and its Korean and Chinese campaign for more than 12 month now.

    The campaign was not entirely straightforward due to the highly specialized search phrases the market is looking for, but with the support of Visiontrade, their analytical skills and experience we managed to increase the number of visitors to our website and the time they are spending reading about our services. There is still room for improvement but we feel that with the continuous support of Visiontrade we are now on the right track.

    Global Marketing Manger - 7Layers AG
  • Fujitsu

    Company : Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe

    Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe is a leading supplier of semiconductor products and advanced system solutions to the automotive, digital TV, mobile telephony, networking and industrial markets. The website to be marketed is  http://emea.fujitsu.com/semiconductor


    Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe GmbH (FSEU) is a major supplier of semiconductor solutions, working on high profile projects. This means our main objectives are clearly to bring awareness to this website from Google trying by way of keyword engineering to make them as relevant as possible.

    Internationally, Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe can be recognized from these projects so the challenge is to maintain and not compromise the corporate identity they enjoy but keyword engineer interest from Google to landing pages inside their website.

    Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe is a new client for Visiontrade, so consistent statistical data is crucial in identifying early trends from keyword results.


    Over the past year, Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe can confirm an increasing click through rate during the campaign, because most keywords are placed in multiple adgroups so that they attract a relevant click.

    Visiontrade has secured thousands of visitor’s to the homepage as well as deep links ensuring the clicks have been linked individually to specific landing pages therefore increasing the relevancy from the interest obtained.

    On our statistics we can see many clicks internationally, so once cross checked with the webmaster, confirmation of inquiry from those markets have been identified.

    Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe can confirm that Visontrade has improved the interest gained from Google and is working as a successful partnership.

    Marketing Manager - Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe

  • Linde Hydraulics

    Company : Linde Hydraulics

    Linde Hydraulics is a leading manufacturer of quality Hydraulics machinery and equipment. The website to service is www.linde-hydraulics.com

    Our instruction is to provide Linde Hydraulics with a search engine marketing package through Google that will bring interested visitors to the homepage from various Google domains such as Google.com.it.fr.de.co.uk and so on.

    Targeted keywords and phrases will be used to engineer links to the product pages to ensure relevant clicks are secured.     

    As Linde Hydraulics is an international provider we have been instructed to focus on the German and English languages and attract potential buyers using various Google pages such as .de.com.at.it.co.uk in the subsequent individual domains.

    Careful monitoring and adjustment of keywords is essential to engineer a set that allows Google to improve the quality score and obtain more clicks for the same budget even though Google’s prices generally increase rather than decrease.

    After working with Linde Hydraulics for 4 years we can confirm the quality score has improved so we are getting more clicks for the same budget.

    We have secured thousands of visitors and have made changes to the campaign to engineer more relevancy throughout the campaign.

    Linde Hydraulics can confirm they have acknowledged further clicks on the homepage and as they have been a long term client of Visiontrade are satisfied with the work we are doing for them in the German and English languages.

    To move forward we are engineering targeted clicks to identify particular interest to
    specific web pages such as product/agent pages for specific exposure from Google.

    Marketing Manager - Linde Hydraulics

  • Company : Metabo

    Leading manufacturer of professional power tools and accessories.www.metabo.de

    To provide www.metabo.de with a search engine marketing project in German and recent instructed languages of Swiss German, English and French.

    Metabo wants to ensure the most relevant clicks possible and increase the number of clicks for the budget spent which is done through specific keyword engineering.

    For Metabo it’s vital that Google first page placement is achieved and so the quality score can be improved during the campaign.

    To build a long term relationship confidence through relevant inquiry is the prime objective which first must be tracked by clicks

    Metabo can confirm after working with Visiontrade a significant number of clicks have been achieved through Google in German, which has been verified by the web teams at Metabo from the PPC tracking feature on their analytics.

    The clicks through rate and quality score over the 1 year’s have been improving.

    After less than 1 year of working with Visiontrade extra investment has been placed for 3 additional languages.

    Metabowerke is satisfied with the work Visiontrade has done so far and is carefully monitoring the campaigns.

    Global Sales ,Metabowerke

    Company : KMT WATERJET

    KMT WATERJET is a worldwide distributor of water jet technology and is a leader in providing this in the market today. The website to be marketed http://www.kmt-waterjet.de/

    To provide KMT WATERJET with a search engine marketing project through Google AdWords. This specifically to provide direct traffic to their WebPages from specific keywords that relate to the manufacturing technology they provide.

    Most importantly to maintain page 1 position on various international Google pages
    that KMT wish to gain more interest from.

    Google measures performance by a click through rate mechanism of which KMT are keen to improve on from their own webmaster's activities. A higher click through rate is crucial in achieving relevant interest from prospective buyers.

    KMT can confirm that after working with Visiontrade for the first year a considerable improvement was secured with a higher click through rate obtained.

    A higher click through rate measures the relevancy of prospective buyers clicking through To the landing pages that describe KMT's products and solutions.

    A multi language project has now been secured with KMT duplicating this effort into new territories working with its European partner’s. Most crucially Visiontrade has identified the exact keywords and derivatives of these keywords in order to continually improve the "relevant" interest that is being driven towards KMT WATERJET.

    Marketing Manager - KMT WATERJET

    Company : ROWEKO GMBH


    To provide Roweko relevant exposure on the Google search engine's internationally to increase awareness,inquiry, and lead to sales orders.

    We knew this company would be a particular challenge due the specialised nature of their products.
    To monitor the campaign and instruct changes that will provide a range of keyword's that attract relevant interest from potential buyers in the specific markets chosen by the management at Roweko Gmbh.

    Visiontrade created many adverts and deep links so that specific product pages were advertised in order to try and lead to buyer's contacting Roweko.


    After a 12 month period of trial and error through keyword engineering and various changes to the campaign, Roweko can confirm that they are receiving relevant inquiry through its activities with Visiontrade.

    Specifically the Director Mr Michael Selle has recently stated that orders from France have come from this instruction.

    Roweko can also confirm inquiry coming from the domestic German market and is directly related from its Google marketing activities.

    We have learnt from working with Roweko that persistence in the Google arena is crucial. The reason for this is that time needs to be spent in some cases and Google marketing is not an overnight solution.

    The result for this particular company took time to evolve to a set of keywords that provided significant interest and we are pleased due to the specialised nature of these companies products.

    Marketing Manager - ROWEKO GMBH


    Company : SCHURTER


    To provide this Swiss manufacturer with search engine marketing. After 4 years of working with Schurter  the main aim is to improve the number of click's and increase the click through rate from the budget we have to drawdown from.

    Most importantly to achieve this, specific adverts and deep links that lead a potential buyer to the specific landing page's have been set up over the past 4 year's.

    Also as Schurter has a fully functioning e-commerce platform where buyer's can click on the online store and make direct purchases,Visiontrade has been tracking some of these transactions which are a direct result of the Google submissions.

    To analyse and provide detailed statistics of results monthly and report this alongside results of conversions from the online store.

    Visiontrade is an existing partner of Schurter AG and has improved the click through rate over the past 4 years.

    Thousands of targeted clicks are secured every month to the appropriate landing pages within the website; www.schurter.ch . After 2 years of working with Schurter increased investment was instructed in new markets that Schurter have been focusing on internationally.

    Consistent conversion's are being won from the e-commerce store on a regular basis and reported monthly.
    The main challenge that remains is to have increased relevancy and more clicks for the same budget as we improve our quality score.

    Schurter can confirm a successful collaboration between our two companies and we hope these manifests in the results that are being achieved.

    Marketing Manager - SCHURTER

  • Burgsmueller Gmbh
    Company : Burgsmueller Gmbh

    Burgsmueller is a manufacturer of wear parts for plastic processing machines and a solution provider of whirling and milling technology.


    To provide www.Burgsmueller.de with a search engine marketing project in four languages to be advertised internationally.

    To achieve relevant inquiry and sales for the existing products and to gain significantly more exposure on the website from Google.

    As this is a long term client improvements in the click through rate and clicks need to be achieved from the same budget available every year.

    On top of the standard statistics Visiontrade provide advanced data through Google analytics as the webmaster is not in house and so the client requires this from Visiontrade ltd.


    Burgsmueller can confirm after working with Visiontrade significant clicks have been achieved through Google for English and German in year’s  1 + 2.

    The clickthrough rate and quality score over the 4 year’s have improved which provides inquiry for the products they manufacture.

    Inquiry can be tracked directly from the ppc clicks secured from the Google submissions.

    After 3 years of working with Visiontrade extra investment has been placed for 2 extra languages in order to begin generating interest in markets of importance to Burgsmueller.

    Consistent monitoring and evaluation procedures are set in place to improve the overall performance and maximise the budget being spent.

    Managing Director - Burgsmueller Gmbh

  • Ortlieb
    Company : Ortlieb, Manufacturer of clamping technology www.ortlieb.net


    To provide Ortlieb with a SEM marketing solution that can improve the procedure they already had in place with their in house team, for the German language.

    To essentially take over the SEM from them by analysing and working on the keyword and Geographic engineering from their own Google interface and implement crucial changes and adjustments in order to increase relevancy (click through rate) and so gain better quality inquiry from the investment placed.

    To report these changes to the International marketing manager of Ortlieb in a short time period, within the first year.


    Ortlieb can confirm that after working with Visiontrade an increase of over 1.85% has been achieved in the click through rate and so the number of relevant visitor's in proportion to budget spent for German.

    Ortlieb has recently placed increased investment for the English language in order to gain a firmer position on Google to increase their International exposure.

    We will report back to you these results as we are still in the position of working on the English campaign and studying which keywords work and which need to be changed in order to evolve a set of expressions that lead to relevant search’s. We are confident that we will replicate these results for German within the next 6 months.

    Purchase Manager - www.ortlieb.net

  • Beko Technologies Gmbh
    Company : Beko Technologies Gmbh

    Worldwide leader of compressed air technology


    To provide Beko Technologies with a SEM campaign for English and German on Google in the domestic market and the international arena using keywords for both languages. To ensure a consistent number of visitor's reach the homepage www.beko.de improving the click through rate and number of clicks.


    By working with the marketing manager of Beko for Search Engine Marketing and with careful time and attention paid to keyword engineering Beko can confirm that over 14,340 visitors for the exact product keywords have been achieved.

    Due to this result Beko has increased its investment and 30 % higher proportional visitor's have been driven to www.beko.de.

    Beko is one of the domestic, independent leaders of compressed air and compressed gas technology and has a firm stance in the market today. Beko can confirm they are a satisfied partner of Visiontrade and have been for the past four years.

    Marketing Manager - Beko Technologies

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